Saturday, November 10, 2007

I finally caught 3-Eye. I was feeding Yb, and she ran across the road. I saw that her left ear was bright red with blood, and she kept flicking her head, and splattered the blood everywhere. I rushed up to grab a carrier, and informed Sister S. When I went down, 3-Eye had disappeared, and Muzzy was eating her biscuits. I thought she had eluded me again, so I went to the power station, and tried to summon the others. Luckily, 3-Eye ran out when she heard my keys, and she actually went into the carrier willingly!!

Sister S saw the ears, and said there is no way she would allow Spencer to go near them, so 3-Eye must stay outside, until the vet confirms that the condition is not contagious.

So we set up the cage at the corridor, with a note attached, explaining 3-Eye's condition, so that she will not be released by accident.

She has been whimpering for the last 2 hours now. She is not interested in food or water. She has torn all the newspapers. When I stroked and petted her, she purred and showed me her tummy. Spencer heard her, and was most displeased. Kiki also stared at her.

Later Sister S helped me to put some of dad's yunnan payao on 3-Eye's ears.

Below are some bleeding ear photos.

Kittens, you have been warned!!

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At 10:07 pm, Blogger auntie p said...

Poor 3-eye, pls be good, you're in good hands. I wonder what happened to him?

I've heard about the famous powder from Yunan. I wonder if it stings when applied? Did 3 eye wince at all?

Thanks for taking care of 3 eye, cat aunty and sister S.

At 4:03 am, Blogger EJ. said...

Good that you guys got 3-Eye for the needed treatment. The infection looks pretty bad.


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