Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hat is looking a bit sad lately, because Max was in the house.

At least he knows to wait on the fish tank for food, instead of not coming up at all.

Last night I met him at the void deck on the way home, and he was following me up the staircase, when a lady asked me if Hat is my cat.

She is quite well spoken, well dresssed, and her adult son was with her.

I told her Hat is "sort of" my cat.

Then I asked if Hat had done something wrong.

She asked me if Hat is XiaoBai. She said she used to see this white cat loitering about with a collar and a huge name tag with the word XiaoBai. And now since Hat is without collar, she can't be sure.

I told her Hat is indeed XiaoBai. Someone kept stealing his collar, so I don't let him wear it anymore.

She asked me if Hat knows his name is XiaoBai. I told her I really have no idea. Of course I couldn't possibly tell her that I don't call Hat by that name. It gets too confusing.

The son chipped in, saying that cats have very short term memories, so it is not likely for them to remember their names. He said Hat seems slimmer and younger, so they couldn't be sure that he was the XiaoBai whom they are familiar with.

I promised him I will feed Hat more food in the future, the lady talked to Hat, while he just sat there looking at us with his green snake eyes.

I am glad someone else is looking out for Hat in the neighbourhood.

He was named Hat because he looks like he is wearing a hat, with the patch on his forehead. I always call him by the name 帽子 actually.
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