Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Spencer is back to her vocal self again.

Hat is looking better. I think the pus had come out. He finished his fish and biscuits. I sprinkled some yunnan paiyao on the wound.

The uncle didn't feed this morning, so I had the full team. Calico Yb BH2 Muzzy Ginger Fred Macky 3-Eye NoEarKitten. I had to go back up for more feeds. Interestingly, Calico Yb and Bh2 didn't join the others at the power station. I didn't realise the kitties have cliques too.

3-Eye's ears were bleeding again, but not as bad as before. She was wary when I sprinkled the powder on her. The NoEarKitten was with her underneath the car. I saw that it is a she. She has a round belly, and a hearty appetite. Macky is looking well too, muscular and with fur. Muzzy no longer goes around with 3rd eyelids. Calico rolled and stretched on the pavement after food.
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