Sunday, January 06, 2008



Cat-sitting Smokey and Missy this week.

Smokey is an old cat. He is sweet and gentle. He has constipation problem. He was the first cat friend Spencer met. When Spencer first came to us, she stayed with Smokey during the CNY holiday. The sleep-over didn't work very well. Because Spencer got into all kinds of mischief, and Smokey couldn't discipline her.

Missy is about 2 years old, adopted from SPCA. She is terribly shy.

Smokey meowed at me when I stepped into the house. He still hides behind the TV. Missy hid under the bench.

I remembered to bring some fishing rod toys for them, and Smokey had a good time. Missy was too petrified to join us. I think Smokey recognised me, as we had been cat-sitting him for the last few years.
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At 2:04 pm, Blogger Stepmother said...

Hi Cat Aunty is Smokey eating Sci Diet food? Elliot's eating Sci Diet also, he seem to b having constipation also, always hv to go toilet and try a few times b4 can poo poo.


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