Thursday, January 10, 2008

No one, messes with me!!!!

I went by Smokey's today.

Luckily I did, because his owner was still not back yet. And both of us had forgotten what day she was supposed to return!

Smokey was sitting at the coffee table. He was quite hungry. I massaged him, and he actually purred!!! I was most surprised.

And even more so when he licked Missy's head!!! Maybe to comfort her. I thought he doesn't like Missy at all.

Missy seemed more relaxed today. She stretched after I scratched her.

Smokey wanted to go into the bedrooms, which are locked.

And Smokey has this bad habit of looking out the window.

It is ok if he just looks out, but he must put both his paws on the frame!!!

I caught him doing that again tonight, so I shouted and ran towards him. I think he knew he was not supposed to do it, so he jumped down quickly and sulked behind the TV.

He played ribbon for a while, and was most energetic for a 10++ cat.

And KindlyNeighbour dropped by the shop today, to chat, and to confirm the cat sitting for Spencer, Max and Co during the coming CNY.

She said she and the kitties are very well, the new house is so big, she has to get a maid now!!

I guess MiaoMiao and MiMi must be enjoying the space and freedom tremendously!!!!


At 3:18 pm, Blogger EJ. said...

Safety first, safety first, Smokey!

How kind of KindlyNeighbour to babysit Spencer and Co during CNY.
Good for MiaoMiao and Mi Mi in their new home.


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