Thursday, February 07, 2008

I decided to go to the GuanYin Temple at Waterloo Street.

It is the scene of great excitement on CNY eve every year, where people fight to get in the 头柱香.

I thought if I go after 12pm on CNY, it will not be so bad.


The MRT was crowded, with locals, Banglas and PRCs.

Luckily most alighted at Harbourfront, I think they were going to the flower show in Sentosa.

Then at Bugis, I saw many vendors selling big incense sticks, 3 for $1, with open flames available for you to light the sticks. I counted 5o or so vendors, from opposite Bugis Village to the pedestrain path in front of the temple. I was thinking, the tmple would provide the incense anyway, so why do they sell in such an aggressive manner?

Then when I walked further, I saw that there was a huge crowd in front of the temple, not moving at all. Apparently the Police was letting the devotees by batches, from both side of the pedestrian walk. I hate to get stuck in a stampede, albeit a controlled one, in the midday heat, so I moved along the side, and stood further away but in front of the temple entrance. Lots of people had done the same thing too, hence the incense stuck on the pavement with oranges.

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At 5:06 am, Blogger EJ. said...

wow, still so crowded on Chinese New Year day. will be like this for at least 15 days.


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