Sunday, February 10, 2008

I went to this temple at Boon Lay today.

One colleague aunty told me there are 60 太岁 dieties in there, and I must pray to the one which represents my year of birth, in order to avoid bad luck, misfortunes and enemies in the year of the Rat. I had been going to the 城隍庙 in Toa Payoh for the last few years.

It took one hour by MRT. Then it was quite a long walk. But the neighbourhood was nice and quiet.

It was another loooong wait at the queue, so that the uncle could write out the 太岁符, based on your birthdates and time of birth, according to the lunar calendar. Then I bought the incense, and queued up again to attend the prayer session.

I should have gone earlier, or much later. At midday, the various gods and dieties are supposed to come back to Earth, after a 11 days holiday. That was when the crowds started to rush in.

Luckily everyone was patient and queued up accordingly, and the workers were helpful. But it was very very warm, and there are no seats.

After 30 minutes, we went into the alcove, in groups of 20. The Taoist priest prayed over us, sprinkled holy water, we prayed, he read out our names and birthdates, more praying, then we went to find the respective dieties, made a wish, and gave the diety a hongbao for his trouble.

Then I went to pray to the other dieties in the temple.

I was so tired I caught a cab home. And I bumped into an ex-colleague, her husband and her new born son. They were driving out from the church. Hahaha.

For anyone interested, it is Tuas Pek Kong Keng 118 Boon Lay Drive. It is right next to the Church of Christ. You alight at Boon Lay MRT, catch 240 from the interchange and alight after Jurong Fire Station. Then it is a 10 minute walk.
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At 3:58 pm, Blogger EJ. said...

A new discovery, Cat_aunty.
No such temple prayers available here.

This year bad year for Rat, Rabbit, Horse & Rooster.Need to go pray after CNY and before Christmas for food luck.


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