Sunday, June 19, 2005

lazy sunday

I was woken up at 10am by the sounds of spencer's vomitting. As usual, she had vomitted around the table fan at the foot of my bed. I saw that it was just fur balls instead of half digested biscuits.
Spencer made a huge fuss last night as I shifted to air-con room, to get a better night's sleep. She screamed and moved in and out of the room, basically just complaining non stop. We tried to tuck her in on top of the wardrobe, in her basket, on her scratch board and on the bed but she refused to calm down. Eventually I moved back to my room as I couldn't sleep with a screaming cat beside my ear anyway. Spencer settled down almost immediately, but she didn't share my bed. Later I realised Hat was asleep on top of the wardrobe, and I had no recollection of him coming into the house. So I wonder if Spencer was just complaining about me sleeping in the air-con room or she wanted to tell us of Hat intruding into her space.
Auntycat was in a good mood today, ate a huge pile of biscuits. Hat didn't want breakfast, but asked to be let into the store room. I was doing houseworks and forgot all about him until I saw hm sleeping on top of some towels I had left out for him 2 days ago. He didn't want them at that time but he remembered to come to them later when he was tired. Clever Hat.
When I came back from shopping, Mayo and Kiki were hanging about. Kiki came in for a snack and was mesmerised by the washing machine, not for the first time. Hat himself was fixated by the noises generated by the washing machine last night for at least 30 minutes. He thought something was going to jump out from under the machine and eat him.
Hat just woke up and joined the brothers for a romp on the corridor. I noticed that he seems fatter, and more furry, especially at the jowl and ears. I wonder if I am imagining things. He is not eating more than usual, and he is moving much more vs when he was at the 5th floor. But he really does seem happier.
Spencer is being crabby again. No sighting of Mera today.


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