Monday, July 25, 2005


People had told me that Auntycat looked very pitiful in a previous photo, hence this corrected version. She is surviving alright, as I feed her twice a day, and she does have a regular home to go back to. She is facing life with spirits and courage.

It was drizzling when I reached home. The 8 strays at Blk 703 were huddled together and craning their necks for their regular feeder.

When I reached home, Mera just woke up and was stretching and yawning. He ate a huge amount of biscuits and we went down together. I brought him to 5th floor but he came back down again, and appeared at the house 30 minutes later. By then Hat had eaten, explored, and fallen asleep in the basket. After a second serving of biscuits, Mera was a bit cheesed off with the sight of Hat fast asleep and wanted to punch him. I stepped in between them, and Mera left eventually, refusing my peace offering of catnip pillow.

BH2 was prowling around at the garden and was very happy to see me.

Spencer vomitted again last night, around the table fan. Just when we thought the frequency has reduced to once a month, she is at it again, to 3 times a week.


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