Sunday, July 24, 2005


Spencer is doing her "business" next to the bathroom.

Her litter bin is actually an aluminium baking tray covered with newpapers and litter. I find the conventional litter tray too small for most cats and would only put it out when there are cat visitors.

Spencer adopts a strange posture when peeing. Her two front paws would be placed at the edge of the tray, unlike other cats who place all fours in the tray. I guess she just doesn't want to get her paws dirty. When pooing, she looks like other cats, the classic "bomb dropping" posture.

Spencer can only use the granite type of litter eg Cat's Pride and Tidy Cat. The smaller crystals type drove her mad, and the wood pellets type was not adsorbent enough. Of course she leaves the litter all over the house, especially when she sweeps the litter around at the beginning, then the granite gets trapped in her paws or stuck to her butt.

After she finishes, I would wipe her butt and paws with baby wet wipes, to avoid messing the floor. Also she tends to scoot after pooing, so it would leave an unsightly stain. As a result, Spencer has this habit of waiting for us to notice her before going to the litter bin, and she expects us to clean up the mess IMMEDIATELY. If we are in bed already, she would attempt to cover up the mess by hitting at the newpapers repeatedly until the noise wakes us. She did get a smack for that, if it is 3am. I think she cannot stand the smell either.

If she manages to eacape before I can wipe her, the floor which she sits on would smell of pee and she would swipe at the spot obsessively.

Mera is the only cat who covers his mess neatly, stamping down the newspapers carefully in a petal-like design.

After changing to IAMS, her poo is not as deadly as before, and she is less inclined to constipate. She did have bouts of severe diarrhoea when she was young, and two episodes of urinary tract infections when she was trying to hold her pee or she didn't drink enough water. It was a distressing time for us as she cried each time she pee, and there was blood on the litter.


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