Sunday, July 24, 2005


Every Sunday I will replendish Spencer's pantry in the kitchen.

The excess, medications and bulkier stuffs like litter and dry biscuits are kept at the store room, together with the strays' supplies. Hat is on Frisian Cat's Choice Plus ( 5 flavors, all fish ). Auntycat prefers fish also once in a while, and BH2 eats just about anything. Pretender didn't like anything fancy, just good old smelly fish would do for him.

The drawer contains Spencer's food ( wet / dry ) and grooming aids. She has a choice of 13 flavors of Fancy Feast at one time, but she prefers turkey and chicken. She is partial to fish occasionally. Kiki also takes Fancy Feast. Mera hardly eats wet food nowadays. The bottle contains gravy to be poured onto food, but most cats treat it with suspicion. The empty plastic containers are for Mera and Auntycat's breakfast biscuits.

Of course Spencer had tried other brands of cat food before, those from Thailand and Japan, but she got sick of them eventually. And one brand containing liver gave her diarrhoea for one month.

There are 3 types of biscuits but Spencer is only allowed the "lite" variety. The first can contains cat treats; the second one is the original Friskies for Mera and other cats; the third one is ANF Lite which no cats like; fourth one is Spencer's IAMS Lite, and the begging strips are for the neighbour's dog DoDo, when she starts to get depressed or grouchy.

One packet of IAMS Lite 3kg lasts approximately one month. And we go through one bag of Friskies 1.5kg every one and half week, and 6 to 8 cans of wet food per day. It is more economical to use the 400g can if I have more than 2 strays. If not, I just give 85g can as one serving, topped up with biscuits.

I get the local pet shop to deliver once a month, making payment at the store. I used to employ the service of another pet shop online or via fax, but they needed someone to be at home to accept the goods. At one stage a friend opened a pet shop and he helped me to deliver on weekends. After the store folded one year later, I found the current pet shop who can leave the goods outside my door. The goods were not stolen, but at one time, they sent to the wrong address and I had to carry the goods back, cartons by cartons.


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