Saturday, July 23, 2005


Miao Miao belongs to the kindly neighbour. She is about 5 years old, same age with Mera but a few months older, and neutered. Miao Miao is camera shy so we could not see her face. She has unusual snake like whorls as her markings. She has a stumpy tail.

Miao Miao was found at a fruit&veg market and the owner's husband picked her because she came to him and touched his foot. She was meant to be a mice-catching cat, but ended up as a pet.

She is the queen of the block as she had been roaming downstairs since young, and it was only the last 2 years that she prefers the indoors. Now she likes to raom about the corridors at different floors and would scream very loudly when she wants to go home. Whoever heard her would phone her owner to come and collect her.

Miao Miao is actually very shy, so she gets easily agitated and defensive. She likes being petted, but only up to a certain extent, or she would kick-bite you.

I heard from her owner that she is a very loyal and intelligent cat, and likes to be hand-fed. Her favorite treats are steamed chicken wing, fried fish and Magnolia fresh milk. She has no problem taking medications, and is choosy of her cat food flavors. She sleeps with her owner every night.

Being an semi-outdoor cat, Miao Miao has her fair share of illness eg diarrhoea, fleas, burnt nose, broken claws, injured paw pads and fungus in between her paws.

Miao Miao has a sister Mimi, whom we saved from the dump 3 years ago. Miao Miao doesn't like Mimi at all, and even until now, the two cats cannot see face to face without getting into a huge fight. Her owner has worked out a fine routine to separate the two cats now, but it was nerve wrecking in the beginning, and she was in tears alomost daily.

Miao Miao is a loner, and she can only tolerate Mera. They used to play and explore together when they were kittens, but now they just sit side by side at the garden. And Miao Miao was the only cat on the block not afraid of BH1. And Miao Miao visited us once, many years ago, and almost fought with Spencer, so there is no love lost between them.


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