Friday, July 22, 2005


Spencer wanted to stay outside tonight, so Kiki accompanied her. Spencer didn't do much, just staring at the staircase. Kiki kept looking at the neighbour's window because there were movements inside the room and sneezing noises. Later someone walked up and both of them ran home very quickly and Kiki kept lloking behind him, so that person must be very scary looking. Kiki played with stick for a while and left, I heard his owner calling him.

Saw BH2 spraying in the bush. He came forward when I called him, not limping anymore. He knows to wait at one particular spot in the evening so I can find him. But he still wanted me to leave so he could eat in peace.Auntycat was fed too. I gave her some fish, just in case she was very hungry.

Mera came too at 11pm but he just ate and decided not to stay. I think he went to the garden to do what tomcats do best. It was nice that he showed appreciation whenever I presented food to him.


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