Friday, August 19, 2005


This guy is not very popular right now. He didn't appear in the morning, and so we almost missed the vet's appointment at 11am.

I had been searching for Mera since 10am, ringing the keyrings and calling him. By 10.45am I was at wits ends and almost calling the vet to postpone. Then I remembered he did go to the rubbish tip 2 blocks away to sleep sometimes, plus there are poeple at the void deck preparing for prayers, so he should be further away. Sure enough I spotted that darn cat under the rubbish cart. I shook the keyrings and pretended not to see him, so he could come out by himself, without betraying his hiding spot. I gave him some food and bundled him into the cage, much to his displeasure. He compalined all the way to the vet, at the vet and on the way back. We reached there right on time but the vet was performing some emergency surgery so we had to wait for another 10 minutes. I opened the cage door but he wasn't interested to explore.

The vet said Mera is fat and need to lose some weight, and that he would feel drowsy after the injection. And his teeth needs to be cleaned. It was not his usual vet, but another young girl. We reached home at 11.30am, I gave him some food to appease him, and the worm tablet, and he was itching to escape, so I let him out. The weather is fine so he can sleep under a bush somewhere.

I wanted to take a photo of him in the cage, but I don't think he will see the humour in it. When I took out the cage this morning, Spencer ran and hid under the bed.


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