Thursday, August 25, 2005


People complained that there had been too little of Spencer's photos in the blog, so I am trying to rectify that. It is difficult to catch Spencer in a good angle, because of her fur color. She looks best in natural light.

Also people said there are too many photos of sleeping cats. But I do find the them relaxing to look at.

BH2 was already complaining when I gave him his breakfast. He refused to let me put down the food packet even though he was very hungry and inclined to bite. A very trying tomcat.

Spencer is following Hat around, not sure what they are up to. Oops Spencer just pounced on Hat who is washing in the basket. I think Spencer wants to play.


At 3:19 pm, Blogger chuasai said...

This is the most outstanding photo of spencer. She really looks smart

At 10:51 pm, Blogger cat_aunty said...

YEAH? She is getting better in posing


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