Tuesday, August 23, 2005


It started to rain heavily with thunder at 10am. BH2 ate just in time, before the downpour. Hat and Kiki I shooed into the house. Before I locked the door, Mera appeared also, right behind us. Hat didn't see him and was wondering what was for breakfast, Kiki already waited at the kitchen. Mera went straight under the bed. Apparently Kiki came earlier but he didn't like the breakfast menu.

3rd floor is doing renovation and the banging and crashing noises disturbed Spencer very much. Kiki was playing with rattan stick so he was very happy. Later he slept outside, behind the pot plants, even though it was cold. He only came in for lunch. I gave him a box for shelter.


At 1:36 pm, Anonymous Shirley said...

This is a nice picture.
You should go out for a long walk.

At 2:14 pm, Blogger cat_aunty said...

I think the cats are more ued to the camera now


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