Monday, September 12, 2005


I was home for 3 days and found a straycat family just across the road. They are staying on a lane in between the 2 rows of houses. The lane basically runs along everyone's kitchen. The cat parents are grey tabby so I don't understand why the kittens are yellow and white. Anyway, that's genetics for you.

The strays are skinny and sad looking, worse than any of the strays I had seen here in Singapore. I saw that they have been fed kitchen scraps and raw fish so I guess things could have been worse for them.

I was trying to approach the kittens attacking the fish. The cat mother was wary of me and meowed loudly to warn me off. She sat on the path staring at me, watching my moves. Each time the camera whirred, she jumped a bit.

The cat father was being a typical male and only appeared when there is food. The dog found him having an afternoon nap at the neighbour, hence the photo through the fence. The dog was whining at him, so 10 minutes later, he left to look for a quieter spot.


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