Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I got this picture off the internet.

The fogging really made Spencer very upset just now. When it started at the far away blocks, she was already agitated and complaining. I didn't know what she want. When the team reached our block, Spencer was running about screaming, like when we bathed her. I tried to comfort her but to no avail. When the team reached our floor, it was loud and the fumes came into the house. Spencer was hiding under the bed screaming. I think she was scared of the noises, plus the fumes irritated her nose. Hat was scared, but he recovered very quickly. I heard a fogging had also been done last week. Spencer was alone at that time so maybe she was petrified and she has a bad memory of that episode.

I will be going home again on this weekend and Spencer will be home alone. I have already asked the kindly neighbour to help, as she is very reliable. If she has the keys, she can let Hat into the house and he will not be loitering about aimlessly. I will also ask her to look out for Auntycat and BH2.

Back to work tomorrow. Hope the cats will be alright.


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