Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Spencer slept until 8pm last night, woke up for a while, and went back to bed at 9.30pm.

Mera woke at 5pm, had some biscuits and returned again at 9pm, but he didn't stay. I saw his owner feeding him at 8am.

Kiki slept all the way until 5pm, only after I switched off the aircon then he started to stir. He came back again at 7.45am, saw that there was no food and left. He came back at 9am, had a small nap at the kitchen, and had his late breakfast with relish. Now he is disturbing Spencer.

Hat woke up at 3pm, had another can of food and slept until 6pm. He came back again at 10pm but left again without eating anything. He was hungry by the morning, having wet and dry food. I see that he didn't mind Spencer's lite biscuits. He is in his basket already.

BH2 is OK, he is still confused about the food.

It is going to rain soon.


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