Saturday, September 17, 2005


Kiki and Mayo together at one of their outings in front of our house. Mayo always takes the backstage when Kiki is around, just like MiaoMiao and MiMi.

Mera just turned up at 9am. He didn't come in, just made sure that I saw him then he waited outside for his food. He should be hungry because we had a super big sorm at 2am with winds and thunders. The curtains flew all the way to the ceiling. Luckily Hat was still on top of the wardrobe at that time, and Spencer was hiding under the bed. I waited for Mera but he didn't turn up so I went back to sleep. This morning some cats had considerately swtched off the fan for me.

Now it is sunny so I sunned the pillows and quilt, which Hat is trying to snuggle underneath. I had explained to the cats that I will be away and kindly neighbour will feed them.


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