Friday, September 16, 2005


This is Spencer with her trusted Mr Sock, who has accompanied her since she was a kitten in Oct 1999. It was actually a pair of my old socks, black and white strips with national flags. Spencer liked to chew our hands since young and the habit continues but by then her teeth are long and sharp, so we have to wear the socks on our hands to protect from injury. The socks had been washed a few times and are tattered, but they must have retain Spencer's smell. Each time we wear the socks, Spencer would lie down and get ready for some kick bite action.

Spencer is now sleeping in aircon room, as she didn't sleep much this afternoon. Kiki turned up at 3pm, polished off a can in 5 minutes, went to sleep belly up at the kitchen, and did some exercise with the rattan stick. Hat was also tossing and turning, finally had an early dinner at 4pm. After that he slept better. Mera turned up too, but just for biscuits. I think he went into the house to terrorise Hat, as I heard some noises.

BH2 was not around when I went down so I gave his food to Auntycat. He turned up later, complaining dinner being late. Hat came up with me at 10pm, had a small snack, and is now sleeping in the basket.


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