Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mayo and Kiki had a walkabout at the garden. Both were happily sniffing the bushes while Auntycat looked on. Mayo suddenly became tense and wanted to retreat, when Mera sprang out from the bushes and confronted Mayo. Mera jumped about 2 feet high, on all fours. It was terribly funny. Kiki happily trotted off while the two toms had a face off. Mayo managed to escape unharmed, and Merah continued to wait for Kiki to emerge. Unfortunately Kiki came out from another end of the bushes, and proceeded to pee in front of Merah for a long time. I am sure Mera must be grinding his teeth!

I took Merah upstairs so he could rest at home, as he had been at the garden for the whole afternoon. Hat dropped by, and left again.

Kiki was eating grass at the power station. When I was holding him, he started to vomit, and threw up grass and gastric juices. He was all puffed up and refused to budge. He appeared at our house after 2 hours and ate a little bit.

Bumped into a very ugly yellow cat at the power station when I was feeding BH2. Both of us got a shock. The yellow cat has very small ears.


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