Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Come to think of it, Spencer switched off the table fan during the night.

I saw BH2 sitting on the stone table at the gazebo, he looked like he was resting. I brought the food over, and shocked to see Mera sitting less than 2 feet away from him, on a stack of chairs! Mera also looked like he was napping. I went :"Oi!", both of them woke up with a start. BH2 went off to eat while Mera pretended to sniff at the spot where he had been. I just wonder how they could sit so amicably side by side when last night they were fighting under the bike. Either they really are friends, or due to the rain, they compromise for this one time.

Maybe it was all a show, put up by them for the benefit of us humans, to prove that Mera is the top cat! Posted by Picasa


At 12:53 pm, Anonymous Shirley said...

If u notice BH2 seems to have a natural frown.

At 9:29 pm, Blogger cat_aunty said...

huh. No home to go to, no food to eat, down on his luck, of course frown lah

At 9:03 am, Blogger bokchoy_76 said...

that one is his pattern on the head la, just like last time there was this yellow dog i had. That dog has too much skin on his forehead so always have a frown when his ears are upright. Anyway, i think mera and BH2 were having mental paring when you Oi them.

At 8:50 pm, Blogger cat_aunty said...

that dog was Lucky the pig tailed wonder. She had light brown eyes, and found her way home after being abandoned for being pregnant. She was a sweet dog, and liked to sleep under the study table

At 8:51 pm, Blogger cat_aunty said...

i hope i didn't cause them internal injury when i oi them. Coz in martial arts movies one always get internal injury when one lost concentration during paring


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