Monday, November 21, 2005

I reached the vet at 6.50pm, and he explained to me the findings. The blood test results all fall within the normal range, X-ray doesn't show any blockage or stones. The urine is still "ribena-colored", the inflammation contained within the bladder. Spencer hadn't shown any sign of discomfort or illness. And according to the vet, she had been quiet and well-behaved!! No yelling her head off!!

The vet will continue with the initial antibiotics but increase the dosage, plus some anti-inflammatory agent. If there is no improvement within 3 to 4 days, I must call him immediately to discuss a change in medication. He is reluctant to go to the stronger drugs, for fear of adverse reactions eg. blindness. I have to check the color of the urine deligently. And he was surprised to hear that Spencer felt drowsy after the medication.

Other than that, Spencer has to lose weight, and increase her water intake.

She is 8kg and really cannot afford to grow anymore. Other than the usual health problems, she may not be able to control her sphicter well in the future.

For the water intake, we can try to give her milk diluted with water, or water flavored with honey. If she likes canned food, we can add some water with it. Or there is always fish juice, made from boiling fish.

Total bill: $223.65.

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