Saturday, December 31, 2005

Max looking happy, with clear eyes, clean nose and good gums. I still clean his face twice a day, just to wipe off that discharges and stains, but he is better than when we first saw him.

Last night he played mouse and soccer, ate biscuits and fell asleep. He wanted to play with Hat, but Hat was still wary, and jumped out through the window. Spencer was a bit hostile, but not as bad as before. She could stand the sight of him, but Max was not allowed withiin 2 feet of her. Spencer slept with me last night and Max stayed outside. Maybe he slept in his cage.

Max found out about the water table.

Kiki had been looking out the window for hours last night. BH2 wanted dinner, but I didn't feed. Auntycat got her biscuits. Posted by Picasa


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