Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Reached home late and tired. Hat refused to come up with me, just running about in circles.

Dodo is barking up a storm, because she is lonely.

Spencer moved to the kitchen table once she heard my keys in the lock.

Max greeted me with eyes full of gunk, and he couldn't open his right eye at all. His chin was also stained. The eye was teary and sticky for the next one hour. Luckily, after some dinner, nap beside the waterbowl and some exercises, both his eyes are the same size.

I made a small ball out of some aluminium foil, and Max thought it was the best thing. He can kick it around, carry it in his mouth, swat it under the sofa, and chase after it. The ball makes sounds when it rolls on the floor, so it is more interesting than the orange soccer. His saliva won't wet the ball. And worse comes to worst, if he loses the ball, I still have a big roll of aluminium foil in the drawer! Posted by Picasa


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