Saturday, March 25, 2006

It all started from this sofa cover.

Hat loves this piece of drape. He would tumble in it after breakfast, and mock wrestles with me under the cloth.

This morning I was playing with Hat, and Spencer was glowering at us. I thought the drape was huge, so it should be enough for one very fat cat and one rather skinny cat. I draped the cover on the floor, and placed the cats at each corner. Hat huddled underneath the cloth, while Spencer just sat on it like a queen. Then Spencer came up to sniff the lump, which was Hat. Hat emerged, and chased Spencer. Spencer snarled, and hid under the kitchen table. Hat came back quickly, and sat at the CENTER of the drape.

No wonder he is not very popular.


At 9:35 am, Blogger san said...

Hmmm. I can see max's bulging tummy. But he is ok everywhere else. So no troubles there lah. :))

I should make Bujang see this. I have not yet put him on the scale to see if he has lost any weight. But I am glad to report he now has a slight waist.


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