Friday, March 24, 2006

Sister W visits from KL, and thinks Max is the most fantastic cat. Max was not afraid of her at all, sleeping beside her in his basket when she was working on her laptop, and following her around the house, even to the toilet. Max visited her room, and stepped on the mattress tentatively. Sister W thinks Max is more like a dog. She is not really an animal person, so Max must have dispelled her misconceptions about cats.

Of course when she comes to our house, Spencer, being her jumpy grouchy self, dashed all her hopes again. She draped the newpapers on Spencer, who was lying on the table. Spencer stormed off. Haha.

Saw Mera snoozing in the garden this morning, but I didn't feed him. I think he knows where to get food.

Hat came up for dinner, a long time after I came back. Spencer chased him away, after he had a mix of wet and dry food.


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