Friday, June 30, 2006

A frustrating day today. Some stuffs happened at work, and it pissed me off real badly. I lost my temper. I can't think of any other ways to put my points across. Some people just don't get it when you tell them things nicely.

Maybe it was an accumulation of frustrations.

Maybe it was just me, 火气大.

Maybe it was the thought that Brazil may just become World Cup champion, again.

Spencer is guarding the toilet again. I think she knows Sister S is on her way.

Hat had dinner, and wanted to attack Spencer. I let him bash up his monkey instead. Posted by Picasa


At 8:51 am, Blogger Harimau said...

Sometimes there are people out there that needed us to show our "fiery" side b4 they get the message. And why does Spence like to guard the toilet? Does he get extra biscuits for that?

At 8:03 pm, Blogger chiangsc said...

" Fiery" due to the world cup?
May be too little sleep.Forget the bad day .


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