Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dear Mummy,

as you can see, I am well here at cat_aunty's place. Spencer doesn't growl at me as much as before, and I successfully defended our territory against all the marauding tomcats! I even managed to chase after the magpies which tried to steal our biscuits.

My eyes are not as runny as before, I have a good appetite, and cat_aunty had finally stopped giving me that horrid banana powder. My *ahem* bowel movement is back to normal.

I can't sleep very well during the day, because of the heat, and the screechy CD which cat_aunty plays. Spencer doesn't seem to have any problem though, because the coolest spot in the house is on the kitchen table, and she is not moving from there one bit! She likes screechy music.

Cat_aunty made me a catnip pillow! She said I musn't drool on it and make it dirty and slimy.

See you soon!


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