Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The rain stopped at 4pm. Mera woke up for a snack, and went back to sleep. Hat dropped by too, and surprised to see me at home. He dillied and dallied for hours, and finally jumped onto the sofa at 6.30pm, against my knee.

Spencer enjoyed the last bit of the afternoon sun, and some scritches. She wanted to chew my hand, but once the camera whirred, she retreated. She did that several times. Maybe she didn't want her naughty act to be caught on films!

Mera woke up at 6pm, waited stoically for me to finish taking his photos. Then he stormed off to the kitchen for his treats and snacks.

Spencer is sleeping still, Hat conked out on the sofa. Posted by Picasa


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Sweet blog!
It's flippin' awesome :)


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