Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mera had been VERY naughty.

He saw the new cat tent and made a bee line for it. He sat inside, looking quite smug and comfortable. Even when eating, he won't come out from the tent completely. Spencer was rather miffed, but she didn't say anything.

Before Mera left, HE SPRAYED ON THE TENT!!

I screamed, he ran away, and I washed the tent quickly. I think there wasn't much smell on it now, because Spencer would have told me, if there is. Sister J said if Spencer rejects the tent, we just have to get a new one from IKEA, and give the urine one to Mera instead.

This morning, Mera came at 8.30am, and once again sat inside the tent.

I brought out food to lure him out, but Mera refused to budge.

Then Spencer started to eat the plate of food.

3 minutes later, Mera clambered out, looking upset and wanting to leave.


Spencer 1 Mera 0


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