Monday, October 23, 2006

The cage was meant for YellowBoy, but I couldn't find him. Max was very nterested in the cage, sniffing and investigating. I let him walk in, and he just loves it! He even napped inside.

At 5.30pm, he asked for dinner. I was dishing out the food, instead of circling my legs, he went into the cage, sat down, and waited patiently. Weird boy.

Did the cage make him feel safe? Was it the newpapers? Or did it remind him of the times when he was in that horrid pet hotel for one whole year?

I fed hime some biscuits before he left at 8pm. Posted by Picasa


At 6:16 pm, Blogger CatDonna & Cats said...

Cats being creatures of habit, Max probably felt more reassured waiting for food in an enclosed space.

There's something slightly sad about that.

At 10:32 pm, Blogger cat_aunty said...

Yes Catdonna, I felt quite bad too...

At 1:41 pm, Blogger san said...

Left at a pet hotel for a whole year!! Arghhhh!

Ya, a cage reassures and of cos its also sad. That is why I keep trying to at least get Ms Akira to sleep with us but she refuses and would yell the whole house down.

At 9:57 pm, Blogger cat_aunty said...

Yes, one year. And if we didn't adopt him, he would have been put to sleep. His ex-owner only vaccinated him during the first year, and abandoned him when he was 5 years old, because " she prefers dogs" !!!!

I think Miss Akira had some real bad experiences when she was a kitten, hence her behaviour. Slowly lah, she will open up.


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