Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I think my IXUS 500 is dying. The picture quality has become rather unpredictable. Either that, or I am having some serious hand tremors.

Spencer woke me at 7am today, because there was not a speck of food left. I fed her and went back to bed. She had her breakfast, and slept in the basket until 8am, when I woke up. I saw the ginger kitten loitering downstairs. I wonder if the uncle is still feeding them.

Hat wanted to sneak into the cat tent after breakfast. He tried that last night, and this morning. I pulled him out, and put him on the sofa. He left in a huff.

Spencer was in a rather good mood today, seemed sleepy. She went into the other room to listen to cat radio. Then they started to drill the pavements under the kitchen windows, so she went into the cat tent. Posted by Picasa


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