Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Saw YellowBoy when I reached home, so brought him up for dinner again. He would curl his tail around his paws when waiting.

Kiki managed to escape, by crawling up the netting, squeeze through the top gap without the netting, turned around, and crawled out, with bum facing the ground. I was watching him with my jaws on the floor. For a 9kg lardball, he was pretty agile. His mum came out, because he was making so much noise. She stared at him too, and Kiki landed outside safely. She looked at me, shrugged, said : " Nanti lah ", then she went back in.

Kiki was taking his sweet time exploring the corridor, and YellowBoy had finished his dinner. Kiki glared at him, and only when YellowBoy ignored him, then Kiki started to get aggressive. I grabbed YellowBoy and ran to the staircase. YellowBoy stared at Kiki from around the corner, and Kiki puffed up. The two toms had a screaming match at the staircase.

20 minutes later, Kiki came back in, with Hat in tow. Kiki sang a bit, ate, sniffed around the house, and is now taking winds outside.

Hat has grease all over his face again.

Spencer couldn't stand all these tomcats, so she is under the bed. Posted by Picasa


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