Thursday, November 02, 2006

The cats were out of control tonight.

I was feeding Auntycat, then calico rushed up and attacked her. I carried the calico away, and let her eat at another corner. Calico has this really bad habit of ambushing others.

Then I saw a very young kitten at the power station, so I went to have a look. Hat followed me, and BH2 caught up later. The three of us walked one big round at the opposite block, and I assisted BH2 in crossing the road.

Yb appeared from behind a car, so I carried him. Hat was on top of an SUV,so I carried him at the other arms. Yb preferred to walk, so I released him. And he dropped into the path of BH2. The calico rushed up and confronted Yb. I took Hat up first, then came back for Yb. BH2 and calico tried to trip me, and snarled at Yb at the same time.

When we reached home, Hat hadn't have his dinner, and was sitting at the door. Yb snarled at him, and Hat gave him a " 你算老几 " look.

Yb ate Spencer's leftover chicken at the kitchen, and Hat ate fish and biscuits beside the sofa. Later they sat under the kitchen table, Hat probably giving Yb some pointers on how to survive in the big, wild world. Posted by Picasa


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