Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I reached home late today, after suffering from the bus driver's non-stop tirades about the government. He was talking to another passenger, and got all heated up. Actually his opinions sucked, basically just that government cheated him, didn't provide him with a good job, charsiew rice which cost $3 is too expensive, ditto kopi which costs 70cents. Gaah! What a stupid man.

It rained earlier. Yb saw me and ran towards me, so I carried him across the road. Then I saw Hat sulking on the roof top of an SUV, so I carried Hat and asked YB to follow me. Which he did.
Until we bumped into Kiki at the corridor. Kiki cahsed YB with a loud snarl, and I ran home with Hat.

Hat had his dinner, and went to rest in the other room with Spencer.

Kiki returned 10 minutes later, looking OK, except for a wound on his left chest. It was the same wound inflicted by Hat weeks ago. Kiki ate two cans, sang, and is now sitting with Spencer on the corridor. Posted by Picasa


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