Wednesday, December 06, 2006

hasta la vista, baby!

I left work at 8pm, because the migraine came at 7pm. It was not as bad, just scalp throbbing, but I knew better then to make it a full blown attack.

When I reached home, there was this huge PONG in the house, most likely cat urine. The funny thing was, the floor and walls were dry, the bins untouched, and Spencer was just sitting there looking calm. Does female cats spray to mark their territory?

I sprayed some litter bins deoderiser where the pong was stronger, then tried to improve the air circulation. It seemed to come from inside the house, under the PC table, at the door and at the hallway entrance.

I hate anything pungent, I don't put vinegar in my bah-cho-mee or lor-mee, and I run a mile when I smell barbequed squids.

Sister S reached home at 10pm, and told me it really was a PONG. She told me it was human urine, and it really freaked me out. Could it be an act of revenge from the 3rd floor kids whom I yelled at? Could my house be haunted? I was half fainting with it by then anyway, so I mopped the floor thoroughly, cleaned the toilets, threw away the scratch boards, and washed the beddings.

I was going to wash the corridor outside, when I realised, the PONG came from the neighbour's front step!! I wasn't sure if it was cat urine, or one of them had stepped into something foul, but it was stinking up my house for sure! They all must be having some major sinus problems and couldn't smell it themselves!

Once I cleaned the outside area, the smell vanished. Spencer had a I told you so expression. She went to bed with me at 11.30pm, after batting the HelloKitty mobile to death. Posted by Picasa


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