Sunday, December 10, 2006

I am rather addicted to this talk show 红色风暴, hosted by 利菁, on CTI every weeknight 11pm and replay 2pm the next day.

This lady is making quite a come back in the Taiwanese entertainment scene, after a successful career in shopping channels.

She talks about all kinds of stuffs: investment, gems, relationships, gossips, astrology, saving money. They get experts on the panel too, but the host herself has made some astute investments over the years in USA and apparently she has a Swiss bank account, where the gold bars are.

Her husband is much much younger than her, but they seem to love each other very much.

I like her sacarstic, no-nonsense banters, and she is sincere in giving advice, especially to the rookies. She looks like she is always trying to improve herself, in looks and knowledge.

You wouln't have guessed she used to be a man! Posted by Picasa


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