Saturday, December 30, 2006

Max is here, because Sister J and Sister S went to Malaysia for the long weekend.

Spencer had some inkling of what was coming, because she was rather jumpy this morning. I fed the cats downstairs, and Hat came up again. I let him in and gave him some Nutro biscuits. Once he finished eating, Spencer chased him out of the house. Because it ain't raining! During the heavy rain for the last few days, she just grumbled when Hat snoozed in the store room, but she bear with it, even though she wanted the store room herself. Today, she put her paw down.

Just as well. Because if Hat sees Max, he will be upset again.

Yb is quite impossible. he refused breakfast because it wasn't tuna. BH2 had 2 servings, hence his increasingly rotund profile. Mera didn't eat, but Auntycat did appear. Posted by Picasa


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