Monday, February 19, 2007

I reached home at 10am today. Max was at the door, and ran inside the house when he saw me. Then I heard Spencer mewing loudly, and I found her behind the bed head. I wasn't sure if she had been stuck for several days, or she had been hiding there since morning.


Some cat had threw up on the sofa.
The bedsheets and quilt cover were stained with saliva, fur and paw marks.
There were fang marks on the mattress.
The curtains and DVD were scattered all over my room.
The alarm clock and desk lamp were dismantled.
Max had stains all over his face.

Kindly Neighbour had been here this morning to feed the kitties and chnage the bins. The food had been eaten. She had also left biscuits and water outside for Hat and Mera. All the water bowls were refreshed too. I sms her to tell her that I am back.

I went down to check on the other kitties. Yb, Hat, BH2 and even Mera came when I rang the keys. Mera's dad told me Mera had been staying at his place. The kitties looked OK. I am sure Kindly Neighbour had fed them.

I did laundry, mopped the floor, and bathed Max. He protested, but it is for his good. His gums are quite inflammed, so I had to give him fish for tea instead of the usual biscuits.

Spencer calmed down pretty quickly, without the usual screaming and complaining.

Kiki dropped by, attempted to fight with Max, but eventually fell asleep.
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At 9:37 pm, Blogger san said...

wah so much activity for 2 cats :) Preparation for your homecoming.. hahaha


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