Friday, February 09, 2007

I sprained my ankle while alighting from the bus. It is OK when I stay still or put my feet up. It hurts when I walk. I have an ankle brace on now, and I will use a heat pack tonight. Everyone asked me to go sinseh, but I am afraid after much rubbing and massaging, the pain will be worse.
Mera has been kidnapped.
I leashed him at the garden at 6pm, because there was still daylight and breeze. I didn't stay with him because of the mosquitoes. When I went down at 7pm, he was gone. GAAAAAH! I found the leash, but not the jacket. It is highly unlikely that he released himself, so the only possibility is human intervention. I couldn't find him anywhere in the garden and carparks, after much frantic searches and ringing of keys. Kindly neighbour helped too, and we had just stopped the search.
If Mera is OK, he will surely come home by himself. He has done it many times before. But the thing is, I don't know if he is OK or not.


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