Monday, March 26, 2007

It rained in the early morning, with thunders.
Spencer was hiding somewhere, because when Sister S arrived at 6am, she wasn't on my bed.
I heard Sister S grunted, so Mera was in the house.
Mera appeared from my room at 8.30am, without his collar.
Sigh. This is so exasperationg! I hate it when people steals from cats!!! Isn't it better for cats to be tagged?
Mera ate some and left. I gave him a new collar and tag.
Spencer is very calm, no screaming and tantrums from her.


At 11:39 am, Blogger san said...

That food looks extremely delicious. Yummy for sure.

Yah! I dunno why people keep stealing cat collars! FatBoy 's collar is missing. I think I should get him a collar that does not have a snap-on but one that has a buckle with enough give for cats so they won't choke on it. Grrr!


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