Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Hobbit's feet.

Hot day. All the cats had eaten. BH2 beat one of the Weirdtoms, the one who is not his son. BH2 has lost weight, but he is active and energetic. His face is smaller, as if he has shaved.

Hat spent the morning playing with another weirdtom, even though I called him several times from the kitchen.

Mera was snoozing among the bushes. I gave him some biscuits at 11am, then he trotted off.

Spencer is sleepy too, and was fussing, until I gave her a basket.

I had done the houseworks and marketing. Am still weak, should go for a nap.


At 5:51 pm, Blogger san said...

You sound sick and yet you manage to do so many things :) I don't think I have half your energy :)


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