Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spencer is happy tonight, because it was Mera who ate dinner with her, instead of Kiki. I didn't mean to be nasty to Kiki, it is just that he broke the rules of the cat hotel. I will have to clean the house tomorrow, before Sister S arrives on Monday.

This morning I saw two Weirdtoms at the power station. Two identical ginger toms! I almost fainted. I thought it was my fever playing tricks on my brain. I looked again, the markings are slightly different. But I had no idea who is the original. Calico was fierce with one but OK with the other. I guess one is her son.

Now there are two gangs. The Godfathers at the voiddeck ie Mera, BH2 and Yb. And the Young Guns at the powerstation ie calico, ginger kitten, tabby kitten and the 2 Weirdtoms.

Hat is sitting on the fence. Bh2 is torn between the macho company and his family. Yb would beat calico at any chance. Mera would beat Hat. All the time.
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At 5:47 pm, Blogger san said...

Wah so drama cat-aunty. The family is growing :)


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