Saturday, April 14, 2007

I found out that one of my ex-colleagues was killed in a road accident on Friday at Bukit Batok. She was knocked down by a bust at 9.30pm, and passed away one hour later in NUH. Her friend, who was with her, is still in coma.
This lady used to work in Human Resource in our company, and had always been helpful, understanding, professional and efficient. The last time I was hospitalised, she chased the insurance company for the hospital payment, and she made sure it was paid to me before she left the company.
I wanted to drop by to pay my respect, but apparently she will be cremated tomorrow. I will try to find out her address so I can at least send a card to her family.
The whole episode made me sad, and realised how fragile life is. On top of what KindlyNeighbour told me this morning, it is important to cherish everyday, as it could be the last.
Less time for complaints and grumbles, go ahead and do that thing that you have always wanted to do!!!
Go Tibet! Buy that Vuitton bag! Kick the boss! Get your cats a giant cat tree!
Whatever it is, live life to the full. Remember to cherish and forgive. Play a part in society.
Rest in peace, Winnie. You will be sadly missed.


At 5:15 am, Blogger Vegie said...

So what about a trip to UK ? Now that William has dumped Kate, is a good reason to go ;)

At 10:58 am, Blogger EJ. said...

Dear Cat_Aunty, so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear ex-colleague, Winnie.
Life is so unpredictable, that's why we have to treasure every minute.
I hope you are able to find consolation in all the good parts of Winnie's life,her helpfulness,her understanding nature, her professionality and her efficiency.

At 11:07 am, Blogger san said...

I am sorry this has happened cat_aunty.


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