Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Max had a good, long sleep last night. I made sure he was warm.

That dang Kiki did appear again last night, and waited at the gate. Spencer walked forward and stared at him. When I walked closer, I heard that she was growling. Then Kiki wanted to enter, and Spencer snarled. I quickly closed the door in his face. Then he stayed outside for a long time, playing with a popsicle stick.

I had dropped a note to Kiki's owner, to let her know that it is better to keep him indoors, until Max goes home. It is not fair that I just tell her to lock Kiki in, and then Max loiters on th corridor. I will keep Maxin too, so that Kiki will not be provoked. The owner herself saw the kind of damages Kiki is capable of.

Spencer slept with me last night.
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