Sunday, July 15, 2007

Big news today: I met, and spoke to the Crossdresser feeder.

I went down late this morning, and when I was cleaning up, she trotted up, and looked for the kitties. At first I was tidying up the papers and biscuits, then I thought I should tell her that I had fed the kitties today.

We started to get talking. She is actually quite, erm, normal. And sensible.

She has been feeding cats for many many years now. She knows most of the cats and feeders in the neighbourhood. She covers a huge huge area, on foot I think, lugging the cans with her. She covers the blocks twice or three times a week. She normally feeds in the nights, to avoid people abusing her or throwing sacarstic remarks. She feeds 20 to 30 kitties each trip. She has been stalked by strange uncles. Some hooligans threw stones at her. She stays in this area, but she was careful enough not to tell me which block. The pet shop drivers were rude to her, so she buys from the supermarkets, and she has to make many trips a week. As she said, 累死了. I was surprised. Those whom I have met over the years, are normally very fierce and bitchy type.

She was the one who stuffed Bh2 in a plastic bag and hide under the bush when she saw the SITA people coming to cull the kitties.

She also thinks the uncle is very weird, mixing cat food with water, scoops the food with his hands, and not feeding the kitties when he promised he would. She asked me to ask the uncle, if I see him, why he is not feeding in the evenings, as the cats are very hungry when she comes by.

At 4pm, when I came back from the supermarket, I saw her again 4 blocks away, feeding breads to pigeons. I tild her to go home and get some rest.

I mean, this person, she must be either very crazy, or very kind hearted. For me, or most people, we just take care of the kitties at our block. She covers so many blocks, for so many years, and she is taking care of the pigeons too.

I am at a lost for words.
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At 10:27 pm, Blogger san said...

I can't imagine why people would act so cruelly to others! I suppose the uncle mixes water with cat food as he wants the cat to drink more water in the heat.

i used to mix megat's food with some water as he didn't drink any water when he came to live with us.

At 12:34 am, Blogger Stepmother said...

I once met a lady who will cook a whole pot of rice every evening and feed the stray dogs down the road. She has 2 cats with her in her workshop.

It's heart-warming to know there are so many kind-hearted people around.

At 10:19 am, Blogger Mary said...

i would say she is kind and feels strongly for the suffering of the animal beings.

At 1:49 pm, Blogger EJ. said...

Interesting chit chat, cat_aunty.
So nice to have such dedicated feeders around.It's not the looks that count, it is the heart and actions.


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