Sunday, July 15, 2007

Max is heeeeeeeeeeeeeere!!

He is looking good. The fur is thick and soft, he has a tummy, his profile is broader and not much watery eyes and snooty nose.

His gums seem to be inflammed again though, three months after the interferon treatment.

Vet on Monday, then groomer on Friday.

He was much affected by the heat, so I let him stay in the air con room.

Unfortunately he was hit by toxic poo, and he had to do it in the basket, as no bins were available. Luckily he shook his bell loudly to make me go in and take a look. I almost fainted. I thought he had poo-ed on the bed. The rug was stained, so I threw it away. Then I rinsed and sunned the basket.

Later he did it again in the corner of the kitchen.

Poor boy.

I fed him some diarrhoea medicine, which he REFUSED to swallow. Then he went for a nap on my bed, with the fan on in full blast.

I mixed his fish with acidophillus powder, he ate only a little.

He is resting under the radio shelf now, behind the curtain.
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At 10:23 pm, Blogger san said...

Hey max, i'm glad to see you boy!
btw the word verification thingee says - leolcub. I thought it was funny cos it looks like leoclub = cat club..hahaha


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