Thursday, July 05, 2007

I have been travelling by this spot for the past three years, on my way to work. Sometimes I see the monkeys rummaging through the rubbish bins and eating leftovers. I found some old apples in the fridge the other day, and I thought I should give to the monkeys instead of throwing them away.

Once I alighted at the bus stop, the Security Monkey immediately glared at me. He had some young ones with him. I stepped forward, and they all clambered up the trees. There is a small valley at the edge of the trees. I saw some cartons and trash, maybe others have been feeding them too.

I thought I should keep my distance, as monkeys do bite. I don't want to get that funny chikugunya disease, or whatever nasty viruses.

I approached slowly, and placed the apples which I had halved and washed, at the edge of the valley, under the trees. Once I stepped away, I heard rustlings, and before you know it, at least 10 monkeys, big and small, jumped down form various branches.

Luckily they didn't fight, or it would be rather distressing. The stronger ones grabbed the apples and went up to the trees to eat. There was one who sat beside the pile, making the others timid. I saw a Mother monkey with a baby clinging onto her chest, and a toddler beside her. And she seemed apprehensive of the other males.

This must be the dominant male, because he stayed next to the apples, refusing to leave. I think each monkey managed to get a portion, except the poor Mother monkey and her kids. Funny. I would have thought being more evoluted than cats, the male monkeys would have give way to the females.

But then, looking at the various strapping males on the MRT, pretending to sleep and snore while a pregnant lady stands in front of them, I guess my theory doesn't hold much water. *snort*

The monkeys enjoyed their afternoon tea, and then one by one, they vanished into the jungle. This Senior monkey sat on the branches for a while, and watched me. I am sure this was not the first Security monkey whom I saw. I waved at him, told him to tell the others to be careful, and I crossed the road to catch the bus home.

I won't tell you guys where this place is, because I think we are not supposed to feed the monkeys.........

Still, I think I will visit them again. Next time, I will bring a bit more apples, so the Mother monkey can have a share.
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At 11:02 pm, Blogger budak said...

i love your cats and general outlook :) but do hope you would not feed the monkeys though, as they do survive well in the forest and the chances of unpleasant incidents (involving cars or children) rises the more they associate humans with food.

At 7:08 am, Blogger EJ. said...

I read about the M monkeys invading HDB heartlands. Their population really multiplies.
They are not so harrassing after all, retreating up to the trees after eating. Sad that the authority will be culling them when there are complaints.Why can't there be a monkey park with a TNRM program?

At 7:30 am, Blogger cat_aunty said...

Dear Budak

advice noted. Thanks.

At 12:16 pm, Blogger Mary said...

Dear Cat Aunty, somehow i do appreciate your kind thought for these monkeys especially the mummy with kids.


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